Desert Gardens RV Park

- The Hollands - Sammy and Fen
(Mason, Ohio USA)

Desert Gardens RV Park in southern Arizona is beautiful park has huge sites with all hookups, including 50 amp. We've never been in a park with such large sites and it's really clean and kept up too.

It's open fall through springtime, which suits our needs just fine. We would recommend this park to anyone wanting a large spot, many activities, and quiet. It is not a family park, but we are seniors and love it. Dogs are okay, but must be approved (two limit) and no mean ones or nuisance barkers.

Their nice website can get you hooked as we were: It has photos.

We came for a few days and ended up here three months! We traveled in a 40' motor home.

Desert Gardens RV Park in Southern Arizona

Located at 9668 N. Hwy 79 5 miles south of Florence, AZ. Enter on Highway 79 at mile marker 128.1.

Mailing address: P.O Box 2968, Florence, AZ 85132
Telephone: 520-868-3800
Fax: 520-868-5690

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Work Camping at Deset Gardens?

Sammy and Fen, were you work campers at the park? If so, please tell us about your experience as staff members. Do they hire a lot of working RVers? Do they pay wages or do the work campers do a barter exchange?

Work camping - Desert Gardens

Posted June, 2014 - YES we were work campers at Desert Gardens RV Park and will return again to work in the Fall.

We get a free site with electric in return for work done. We and other couples work 2 ten hour days during the season and had the rest of the time off. Work is on a alternate schedule with 3 other couples which gave all of us 5 days to tour around Arizona.

We will be here until July 1st this season closing up the park for the summer. Some of the Owners of sites will remain for a while longer, but most Owners have left for cooler temperatures. There are no seasonal rental people here from May 1 (closing) to Oct 1 (re-open for the winter season).

Our "boss" has been with the park for many years and although there is no pay, we did get a holiday and end of season bonus for doing a good job. A good place to work, we are appreciated for the good work we do. Sammy and Fen.

WOW Lot of hours!

You work 40 hours a week between the two of you for a site that rents for an average (over 7 months) of $439 plus, say $100 for electric, so $539 a month. At 160 hours a month that's about $3.36 an hour you are making.

My husband works 14-15 hours a week or 60 hours a month for a site that rents for $559 a month including electric. That's over $9. an hour. I don't work at all, just enjoy the winter. What's your time worth???

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