Dawn and Michael Lemieux

- Part time

Dawn and Michael Lemieux
We are looking for work/camp position in the Southeast. Our ideal dates are December 15 through the end of March.
Michael is a carpenter and can take on anything from fixit projects to new construction. He has a little experience doing basic plumbing and electrical work, but is not licensed in either. He is also experienced in caring for a large property using tractor, lawn equipment, weed-whacker, chainsaw and other yard and garden equipment.
Dawn is a retired printing business owner. She can easily pick up new computer software and is very comfortable providing excellent customer service. She also operates a garden maintenance business in the summer in New Hampshire and is comfortable weeding, designing and maintaining gardens.
Together we also operate a small bed and breakfast. Both of us can cook breakfast, clean rooms and bathrooms and provide a welcoming atmosphere for our guests.
We are both in our mid-sixties and very fit. We are hard workers and not afraid to take on any task.
Dawn and Michael Lemieux
Home: 603-744-6159
Cell: 503-254-3731


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