Cutting Christmas Trees

(Linley asks...)

Can you please tell us how you find work cutting Christmas trees? Would anyone recommend the job? RVers who have worked at tree lots, as lot managers or helpers, please share and let us know what the job was like and if you'd do it again.

Coleen, the editor replies:

Hi Lin,

Contact the National Christmas Tree Association, the Christmas Tree Farm Network, or any tree farmer about jobs cutting Christmas trees. You'll find the contact information for both organizations, along with a page full of related info, in an article we previously posted on this website. Here's the link to the article, "Christmas Tree Sales and Other Holiday Tree Industry Job."

As to your second question, yes, people recommend cutting trees as a decent way to earn some money.

Bob has done both tree planting and tree cutting. They were both short-term jobs that he enjoyed. He was offered both jobs because the people doing the hiring had gotten to know him from other activities.

He found the tree planting job while working a temporary construction job. One of his co-workers was the contractor who did the planting. When the construction job ended and it was time to plant trees, he hired Bob to help.

He found the tree cutting job through a Bible study group at church. One of the other men attending was the contractor and he needed another hand.

Other readers who have worked on tree farms or tree lots, or who would like to make recommendations, please join in and post your comments.

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Cutting Christmas Tees

Check out Monroe, Oregon, the Christmas tree capital of the world. More Xmas trees are harvested and planted in Oregon than any other state and Monroe is the center of it. There is an office on the main street {Territorial Highway}. I am sure you can find it on Google. Good Luck

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