Curtis Creek Campground

- Daryl from Oklahoma
(Corp of Engineer Park at Milford Lake, KS)

My RV spot at the lake.

My RV spot at the lake.

We worked at Curtis Creek Campground located on Milford Lake as campground volunteer host. This is a US Army Corps of Engineers operated campground. The manager and all the employees are great to work with.

We worked there three years and enjoyed every minute of it.

The campers that used this area were great people. We made lots of good friends there.

You can contact the main office at Milford Lake-Junction City, Kansas, for job openings. Whether you want contract work or volunteer work, you will never find as friendly people as there, either campers or office staff.

Coleen, the editor comments:

Daryl, what were you job duties while you were camp hosting at the lake?

Milford Lake is the largest man made lake in Kansas. There are several other campgrounds besides Curtis Lake.

Here's a website address with more information about doing volunteer work at Curtis Lake Campground, Milford Lake.

And, if you are interested in paid job opportunities at Curtis Lake or one of the other US Army Corps of Engineers parks, here's a website address to go to for more info and to do a job search.

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