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I was looking for current openings, but they all seem to be from 2008 or 09. Do you have to pay a fee to join in order to look at current openings? Thank you, Siscily

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No Fee Required

No fee is required. The ads with the job openings are posted for all of our website visitors to see. That is part of the free service we provide to working RVers and to employers.

Take time to actually read the ads. You will see that some of them are advertising for workers for 2010 (next year).

However, most employers send in their Help Wanted ads when they have immediate openings or when need help within a few weeks. They know that plans and circumstances change and that hiring a workamper for a position that starts six months to a year from now is a futile and frustrating experience.

But again, take time to actually read the ads. You will find that there are some who submit ads months in advance of when the position opens.

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