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(Does Poor Credit Mean No Campground Jobs?)

Q. Our credit isn't so good. We filed for bankruptcy. When a campground owner does a credit check, it is going to show up on our credit report. Does that mean we won't be able to get a campground job?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

A. No, having a poor credit rating doesn't mean you won't be able to find work in a campground.

Campground owners do sometimes run background checks on prospective workers. They are more often looking at criminal history than credit history.

Professional references that vouch for your honesty, reliability, and dependability are likely more important than your credit score.

It also depends, in part, on the job. If you are applying for a typical camp host job of cleaning toilets and mowing weeds, your credit history isn't a big issue to many campgrounds. However, if you are applying for a take-charge manager position, then how you handle your personal finances is highly relevant.

It may also help to include a photo of your RV home with your application. If you've filed bankruptcy employers may wonder how you are going to make payments on a brand new 40-foot diesel pusher with five slides. They may also fear that you cannot afford anything better than a $300 junker that would be an eyesore in their park. A picture can alleviate those fears.

Expect that some campgrounds WILL do background checks and disqualify you because of your credit score. When that happens, keep looking. Not all campground owners use the same hiring criteria.

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