Coverage of Working Campers on Equipment

- Mark and Lavern Bonds
(Cherokee NC)

We manage a beautiful 130 site RV Park in Cherokee NC. We are beginning to bring in work campers for some help.

What is the legal way that we can be certain if they ride our riding lawnmower or our tractor, or are just weed eating, and they have an accident, that we covered? We have insurance which covers anyone else's property being damaged, (liability insurance). But it does not cover a work camper. Is a release as a subcontractor going to cover our campground?

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Workman's Comp for Work Campers

Are you hiring work campers as employees? Or, are you using the services of another business?

If you are hiring work campers, I would think that you would need to have workman's compensation insurance. Isn't that a requirement for every employer?

I don't see how a subcontractor's release of liability would fit into this unless the people doing the work are either self-employed or are employee's of the subcontractor.

Okay, here is the disclaimer you must be expecting: I am not an attorney and therefore I cannot give you legal advice. For any legal advice, consult your attorney.

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