Contract Changes

- Pam

We signed a contract to do a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday breakfast program. We understood that there would be an occasional Monday and special events throughout the summer, all to do with food prep, and we had no problem with that.

However, now that we are here, they decided no more Fridays and we would only work three hours on Saturday and Sunday. The other six hours they have us trimming bushes and doing yard work. This is not what our contract said.

Are we obligated to fulfill our summer agreement and the outside work (which he will not let us do early before it gets really hot) or can we leave and move on?

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Written Contract is No Guarantee

I think you have an obligation to fulfill your summer contract -- but so does your employer. Contracts are a two-way agreement. You cannot do it alone.

It sounds as though your employer won't let you keep your end of the deal. If your contract said you'd be doing food preparation and food service, and didn't mention anything about trimming bushes, landscaping, or yard work, but that's what he's having you do, then, no, I don't see where you are obligated to stay.

There are those who advise that you never accept a job without having a contract the spells everything out. I strongly disagree with that. Your story is not uncommon. Contracts give false security. A written employment contract is no guarantee that the job is going to be the way you envision it to be. To use an old cliche, it sounds like your contract isn't worth the paper it is written on.

Contract Changes

Both you and the employer need to sit down and re-work the contract. I think a contract IS firm and should be held. So, if major changes are made, then re-write the contract. We RVer's travel many miles on the basis of a contract and it is pretty disheartening to find the term changed upon arrival or without the consent of both parties.

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