Construction Personnel from Temporary Staffing

Temporary construction personnel are being sought across the country. When the economic tides starts to turn, even a little, temporary workers are the first to get hired back.

When an economic recession occurs, temporary construction workers are the first to go. But, when the economy starts to change, they are called back, even before permanent workers. Past statistics bear this out.

As the United States economy tries to right itself, more commercial and industrial construction projects are starting to move beyond the planning stage. Temporary construction workers are being sought in huge numbers across the country.

One staffing firm that works with contractors and craftsmen and tradesman in the construction industry is Grus Construction Personnel. They help in many other areas of human resources, by providing services for payroll, interviewing, workers compensation, and unemployment. Grus can fill the temporary staffing needs of the largest industrial construction contractors and even the smallest commercial contractors, by tailoring the services to match the needs of the client.

Grus maintains a large, full-time work force and has personnel who will travel to out-of-town job sites. Workers are billed at varied wage levels to reflect their current abilities and to complete projects without unnecessary expense. Grus is an active member of the Associated Builder & Contractors Association (ABC) and we are committed to the success of the construction industry.

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The above article was submitted by Construction Personnel by Grus International, Inc. in response to a request by one of our readers, asking about jobs that pay wages to working RVers. Grus is a staffing company for craftsman, tradesman, and general construction workers. It was started in 1990 by journeymen. Their website states that they have been providing staff for general construction and facility maintenance issues in multiple industries including power, refinery, chemical, steel, and pulp and paper since that time. They can be reached by phone at 888-230-9908, or online at the website at

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