I was asked to become a "Camp Hostess" at a private park, and was told that I would be paid a minimum of $10 an hour for my work in the park, which entails cleaning restrooms, meeting/greeting and registering campers, handing of monies, and acres of mowing, weeding, and maintenance.

This job started on May 1st., and I have not been paid, yet.

I live in my 5th wheel (at the park) and the owners provide me a 'free' place to stay, along with utilities.

I feel that I should be compensated for my months of hard work.

Would it be appropriate (for the owners) to "not" pay me, in exchange for my 'free' rent?

Many thanks for your thoughts, answers, and suggestions.

Comments for Compensation

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Sounds to me like you didn't get a full disclosure of the pay and/or free site. You should have asked about this before you took the job.

Could be you are getting screwed by the owners.
Ask about this. It's been 4 months..jeeze, why wait 4 months before asking about getting paid? You don't ask, they will never pay. Basically, sounds like you are getting screwed.

Next time, ask more questions.

Re: Compensation

Hello... Anyone home??? You should have been asking where your weekly net payment (-FHU cost) was after your first week. The longer you wait to ask the less the chance you will ever see it.

Maybe there is a simple misunderstanding of the arrangement, or a misinformed bookkeeper who writes the checks.

Many people are shy and hold things in till it festers into a totally unnecessary drama.

The last thing most business owners want to do is
mistreat employees who are working well and making money for them.

Job or Workkamping

It sounds like you missed a big point when you signed up to do this -- you need a definite number of hours you will work for the campsite each month and a rate of pay that you will receive when working OVER those hours.

You don't say how many hours you are working but many of the places I have been in contact with recently expect 20-24 hours a week in exchange for the campsite rental.

We all learn from our mistakes and it sounds like you are learning the hard way.

Site Rent

We took jobs this year that were for 20 hours a week to pay for our site and then pay for extra 20 hours worked. Well, we ended up paying twice their going rate for our site that regular guests were paying. So be careful.

As far as you not getting paid, first check your agreement with them. Then, if you must, contact that state's labor board. That usually brings quick results.

Hang in there and good luck.

RVer's Compensation

Thanks for all your comments.

Yes, it is 'normal' for me to learn things the 'hard' way. LOL!

I made the fool mistake of not having a contract - in place - when we accepted this position. It was 'word of mouth' only, which should never taken place. I know better, I really do! ;)

Update on my situation:

I did ask to be paid and it looks as though she is going to pay us 'back' pay for our time since May 1st, when the park opened.


Also remember, just because you have a written contract, many times they just decide to change it. Basically, it is not worth the paper written upon. It may keep honest people honest, but it is not enforceable, so be aware.

Over Charged Work Campers

A lot of these listings are expecting way too many hours in return for a full hookup.

A work camper should receive a basic pay rate of at least $10.00 per hour. 16 hours per week in exchange is the norm for 1 person, 20 hours combined for a couple, because of a little more utility usage.

Think about it. 1 person is paying $160.00 a week for the privilege of parking with utilities. That is $640.00 per month, or $800.00 per month for a couple. I never have paid more than $150.00 per month for all utilities at my house.

Beware, many of these places are trying to charge you 25 hours or more per week. That is $1000.00 per month for utilities! Maybe some of that is for the privilege of all the perks like the ambiance of cleaning the restrooms for them!

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