CO: Campground and Farm Work

M lazy C Guest Ranch/Campground, Lake George, Colorado
(Work for Campers Available at Colorado Guest Ranch)

CO: M lazy C Guest Ranch/Campground, Lake George, Colorado. May to Oct 2019.. M Lazy C Guest ranch/cabins/campground, Colorado Seasonal working camper couple needed..

full hook up and hourly rate.. it is 20 hours per month for each couple for the electric.. and the rate is minimum wage.. which is $10.30 now..

I am looking for a couple that wants more hours like 25-35 per person and one that may only need 20 hours for each per person per week.

Job description: camp host, night round, maintenance, parking, horse help..serving and cooking
also office, cleaning and cooking or serving as well
full or part time
we are a guest ranch and have a lot of farm and ranch jobs

M Lazy C is a guest ranch and cabin/campground located 50 mins west of Colorado Springs right off of highway 24 easy access.
check out our site.. we would love a couple who is energetic, honest and family minded to join our team

contact us at or phone 719-207-2024

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This HW ad -- RV park work, campground job, or other position for working campers or RVers -- is posted at the request of the person or business that is hiring. M lazy C Guest Ranch/Campground, Lake George, Colorado.


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