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M lazy C Guest Ranch/Campground, Lake George, Colorado
(Work for Campers Available at Colorado Guest Ranch)

CO: M lazy C Guest Ranch/Campground, Lake George, Colorado. May to Oct 2019.. M Lazy C Guest ranch/cabins/campground, Colorado Seasonal working camper couple needed..

full hook up and hourly rate.. minus 20 hours per couple bi monthly

Job description: camp host, night round, maintenance, parking, horse help..serving and cooking
also office, cleaning and cooking or serving as well
full or part time
Other jobs could be a couple with one having riding experience and being a wrangler for our trail rides..

M Lazy C is a guest ranch and cabin/campground located 50 mins west of Colorado Springs right off of highway 24 easy access.
check out our site.. we would love a couple who is energetic, honest and family minded to join our team

contact us at or phone 719-207-2024

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