Clark's Flea Market Guide: The Original and Still Favorite Swap Meet Directory

Clark's Flea Market Guide, officially titled, The Original Clark's Flea Market U.S.A., a National Directory of Flea Markets & Swap Meets. This is the book for vendors and for buyers.

We traveled the USA for years, vending at flea markets all over the country. We didn't have a set circuit. Instead, we picked a general area that we thought we might want to go to and then I started searching to see what shows were in that area. I bought several different flea market directories and they were all okay. But, there was one that I kept going back to: Clark's.

Clark's, originally published by Dorothy Clark, has served the flea market industry for more than 32 years. It is the most comprehensive of all the directories that I've seen. Flea market owners receive a free basic listing for their market, so it isn't limited to only those who pay for advertising. No wonder it is sometimes called the "Flea Market Bible."

The listings include more than just the name and location of the market. Typically, they have info on what days the market is open, how much it costs vendors to set up, the size of booths, if they are outside or under cover, etc. Some listings include info on parking, whether or not there is an admission fee, and the expected number of vendors and attendees. Many of the ads tell about extra amenities, entertainment on the grounds, and availability of food concessions. Some also describe the type of goods sold, such as garage sale items, new merchandise, produce, or antiques.

The Original Clark's Flea Market U.S.A., a National Directory of Flea Markets & Swap Meets book is about the size of a Reader's Digest, small enough to be manageable. But, it is packed with information. The copy I'm looking at has close to 200 pages.

We used to sell Clark's Flea Market Guide, however, with price increases in the book and in postage, we no longer do. lists an older edition.

One not-so-great thing about Clark's Flea Market Guide is that it is difficult to find current information on it. It seems the website isn't available. The 95th edition came out in January 2016, and is for sale on (And, should you want to order it, we'd appreciate you using this affiliate link, as we do earn a small commission.)  The Original Clark's Flea Market U.S.A., a National Directory of Flea Markets & Swap Meets is now authored by Dorothy Clark's daughter,  Sondra Jane Corbin.

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