Chuck and Shelley

- fulltime
(2020 5th w Montana 41')

rv photos

rv photos


We are Chuck and Shelley Andrews. We have recently started the fulltime traveling RV life style after justing living parked in an RV since 1998. We are a retired couple looking for temporary work as workampers for winter and/or summer positions. We worked at Ruby's Inn/Old Bryce Town in Bryce, Ut just before the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park. Chuck worked in the rock shop where he assisted visitors with specific rock/gem stone and geodes selections as well as cutting the geodes and explaining of the formations showing in the cut geodes. He also explained how different types of rocks were formed.

I, Shelley, worked in the ice cream shop and gift shop helping visitors with their purchases and choosing different items offered in the shops. I also assisted the manager as a supervisor/assistant. I also have previous experience as a park ranger for a private campground where I helped the members check in, out and make reservations at other member parks. I also was responsible for the welfare of all at the park including making work schedules for the employees. I also have experience in customer service, retail, and cashiering. I was a medical assistant for 10 years and an assistant manager for a service station/convenience store.

Chuck has over 40 years experience in construction including, concrete, form setting, building frames, laying out plots for construction which includes reading blue prints. He also does the repairs necessary on our 5th wheel and vehicles. He has been a foreman, construction supervisor, trouble shooter for concrete companies, and owned his own concrete business. He also was a flagger for one summer for a company in Kennewick, WA. He enjoys working on things, solving problems, and believes in getting things done when needed, not putting off until later.

We both have strong work ethics and will put all our efforts into our positions to get what's needed done in a timely and efficient manner.

We can be reached by phone at; 509-539-0832 or 5094059652 anytime or by email at; We look forward to speaking to you and thank you for your time and consideration.

Thank You,
Chuck and Shelley Andrews


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