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Christmas Decor of Knoxville: Paid Work Putting Up Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decor of Knoxville hires RVers to put up Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. This seasonal work for RVers pays an hourly wage, including time-and-a-half for overtime. Paid training starts in mid-October. The work ends in January, with taking down the lights and other decorations. There is a break for Christmas.

Seasonal Employment for RVers Putting Up Christmas Decorations and Christmas Lights with Christmas Decor of Knoxville

Christmas Decor is a fun business, helping people decorate for the Christmas season. We aim to provide excellent customer service for our customers. We encourage them to let us install the lights and decorations early in the season. We begin work in the middle of October.

Christmas Decor of KnoxvillePut Up Christmas Decorations with Christmas Decor of Knoxville

Christmas Decor of Knoxville is a Christian-family owned business. Our workweek is Monday through Saturday. We do not schedule our employees to work on Sundays - ever. If an emergency happens on Sunday, one of our family members handles it.

This is seasonal work. The jobs start in mid October and end in December or January. Sundays and Thanksgiving Day are the only guaranteed days off work.

We provide training. Training is at least three or four, eight-hour days. We pay hourly wages during the training work hours.

We usually start work in the morning at 8:00 a.m. There could be times when work begins at 7:00 a.m., because of a two-hour travel time and heavy traffic in and around a tourist area in the mountains. Work in October would usually end around 5:00 p.m. Things begin to pick up rapidly in early to mid November and hours increase. From then until mid-December, we work until the job is completed.

Christmas Decor of Knoxville 2Seasonal Work for RVers with Christmas Decor of Knoxville

After the training days, there is a pay increase. Time-and-a-half is paid for any hours worked over 40 hours, Monday through Saturday. There is no Sunday work. We don't work six days every week, but it is possible some weeks. Payday is every Wednesday for the previous week worked. Yes, we take out taxes. We also give our employees other incentives throughout the season. We discuss these during training.

If you are able and willing to work on steep roofs, and can prove you can do it with quality in a timely manner, we can discuss a pay increase. Getting the work done better and faster is a huge plus. Safety is always encouraged and very much appreciated.

I must be very clear about the work that is involved with Christmas Decor. Everyone must work on, load and unload, and carry heavy ladders as needed. Again, I emphasize, you must be able to climb on, work on, and load and unload ladders -- step ladders, extension ladders, Little Giant Ladders, and orchard ladders. There are no exceptions for this.

Christmas Decor of KnoxvillePaid Work for RVers Putting Up Christmas Lights and Decorations

It is understandable that some have more physical ability than others do. We do not force anyone to get on a roof. If you are scared of heights, we do not want you up there. Getting up on a roof is voluntary, however, it is encouraged. Your supervisor will work with you to teach and train in this area, if you are able.

There should be plenty of work to do on the ground and ladders to keep us all busy. Every year is different, though. If we get a lot of difficult jobs and less jobs on the ground, and you are unable to do it physically or prefer to not assist, please understand  that your position could become part time. Please feel free to ask questions about this. There are many things we do to make our work easier.

For these jobs with Christmas Decor of Knoxville, you must have a valid driver’s license. You may need to drive a company vehicle from the shop to the job site.

You must have your own reliable transportation to and from work.

We prefer non-smokers.

Our RVing workers usually stay at Lazy Acres RV Park in Lenoir City, Tennessee.

This work putting up Christmas lights and Christmas decorations with Christmas Decor of Knoxville is in and around the Knoxville, Tennessee, area.

RVers interested in this seasonal work should contact Wendell at 865-740-0178.

You may also want to visit our website at

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