Choosing a Flea Market: How Do You Do It?

How do RVers go about choosing a flea market? Fiddler's Flea Market owners ask. We, as experienced full-time RVer and flea market vendors, explain the importance of Clark's, parking, and pets.

Babette & Lloyd of Fiddler's Flea Market write, asking how RVers go about choosing a flea market. They are actual flea market owners. Babette adds that they would love to be able to help accommodate you better in your endeavors and see more RVers at Fiddler's Flea Market.

• What would inspire you to participate at a particular flea market?
• How do you choose where you will go?
• What do you look for?
• What amenities do you need or would like to see?

Coleen answers:

We pick a basic region where we want to go, then look in Clark’s flea market guide to see what's in the area. It really helps if the market has a detailed listing in Clark's, the more info the better. We choose a couple from among those listed that look good and then I typically contact them to verify that things haven't changed.

In choosing a flea market, we look for those that allow us to stay in our RV on the property. We like to be able to come in a day or two in advance. That gives us time to check out the area a little and to enjoy the community. It also gives us time to get our tables and displays set up. It also helps if we can stay a day or two after the market ends. That way, if we've had a busy and tiring day/weekend of selling, we have the option of packing and putting away the next day.

We really appreciate being able to park at our selling area. It works great for us to park our trailer and tow vehicle behind our tables. That way, we have eating and bathroom facilities right there and our extra merchandise is handy for refilling tables. It is a huge help to us if we can leave our merchandise out on the tables, covering them with tarps, overnight. If we are parked near them, it helps a lot with security.

If there is a food vendor on site (either a sit down restaurant or vendor booth or wagon), we usually patronize them.

I know some vendors like shower houses, but we use the shower and bathroom in our recreational vehicle, so they aren't important to us. Likewise, we have solar panels so we don't need you to provide electricity.

We sometimes look for flea markets that are part of another event. Added activities attract more buyers. Also, people stick around longer, so if they pass something by, they can think about it and come back later in the day to get it.

There is one critical factor we look at when choosing a flea market. We only sell at flea markets that allow us to have our pets with us. Our dog can stay in the RV for most of the day, with one of us taking her out for potty breaks away from the sales area. But, she must be allowed on the premises. A "No Pets" rule means we will bypass your market, both as buyers and sellers. This has been a deal breaker for us at a couple markets.

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