U.S. Census Bureau Job Opportunities for Good Pay and Flexible Work Schedules

A census bureau job is short-term, pays better than minimum wage -- much better, as in $25 per hour in Alaska -- and has flexible hours. The Federal Census Bureau is hiring all across the U.S.A.

Their website says they are hiring "hundreds of thousands" of temporary employees. Most hiring will be done in the spring of 2010. Besides the pay, it is a chance to be part of a historic data collection event. You might think of it as being paid to serve.

Many of the temp workers being hired for the 2010 census are census takers. Another name for this job is "enumerator." Enumerators locate houses, explain the purpose for collecting the data, do the interviews, and record the information.

Other positions are crew leader, crew leader assistant, and recruiting assistant. These folks work in the field, out in the community. They are also hiring census clerks, staffers who work in the Local Census Office (LCO).

They require a test and training. You can find a practice test on the website. They pay you while you go through the training.

The Census Bureau job website has a great deal of other helpful information, too. The FAQ will probably answer many of your questions, including the eligibility requirements. There's a map that gives pay rates around the country.

You may apply on the website at www.2010censusjobs.gov or you may call the toll-free jobs line at 866-861-2010.

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