Cell Phone Internet Service

(Larry of Snellville, Ga, asks...)

I need a good cell phone Internet service provider. I will be travelling the US and most probably will be in remote areas. Whom do you suggest using for cellular service and an Internet provider?


Coleen, the editor replies:

We use ACS (Alaska Communications Systems) and we are generally happy with it. We are home-based in Alaska, so that was a factor in our choice. Though, the service has worked well on our trips to the lower 48.

Readers, what cell phone company do you recommend?

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Cell Phone Service

We have Verizon for both cell phone and internet and have found it to be very reliable in the West of the US.

We also have a TracFone, which has been very handy since it uses any cell towers available, no matter what company owns the towers.

Cell Phone

We use Verizon and have a Verizon card to put into our lap top. Have had great success wherever we have been.

Cell Phone Service

We have been using Verizon for years. I use the MIFI2200, which provides internet connection for up to 5 devices. My wife and I can be online at the same time.



We travel all over and like Verizon for cell phone and we use their wireless service for our computer.

Cell Service

We have found that except in very remote areas our Verizon service is adequate both for cell tell as well as internet. The only time we may have a signal problem is when we are very remote and on a side of a mountain away from a tower.

Cell Service In Remote Areas

Larry -

Keep in mind the only cell service that works in remote areas is a satellite phone which can run $5000 for hardware + $100 a month for service. Many of the law enforcement agencies are using this, especially down here near the AZ-Mexico border.

For the rest of us, the top four providers offer the best coverages. (Can you hear me NOW?) If they don't cover an area, probably no one will. There are spots all over the US (mostly west of the Mississippi) that have dead spots where you are just SOL.

We use a GSM SIM card in our old ATT phone and haven't had any problems - other than where we had no coverage with our old Verizon phone.

Terry & Candace

Verizon for Us, Too.

Verison celltel and aircard for computer. Except in canyons and mountain sides with no line of sight to a tower.

Verizon, Really?!?

At our campground, there is only one cell phone provider (that we know of) that absolutely gets NO service, and that's Verizon. We had T Mobile when we bought the property, but their service was so spotty they let us out of our contract (when does that ever happen?!?). Now we're on AT&T, since they are the only company that shows service here according to their records. The guests with Sprint seemed to get decent coverage to my knowledge.

Good luck!!

Cell Service

I, too, had Verizon for cell and internet, while full time traveling. It worked great. When we finally found a home base, it didn't work in our location, so they, (Verizon) let me out of the internet contract without a penalty. It was their suggestion as they could not provide a tower in my location. I was pleasantly surprised. I kept the cell service, as I use it for day use traveling. Hope this helps.


Where are you located? It appears that your comments are in contradiction to all the other posters.

US Cellular Service

Hi All,

Before I retired I drove truck cross country and had most all of the more popular providers. I've been stranded in a number of areas and had to rely on passers by to lend help, with a land line and such. AT&T was great if you were near an interstate highway or major city. If not you're out of luck. Sprint; I had no coverage from Lincoln, NE until I got to Salt Lake City, UT. I have to admit, I've never had Verizon. I've heard great things about them. The only one that I could consistantly rely on was US Cellular. Even they had spots in Colorado and New Mexico that were dead. It may be a little pricy for the unlimited national phone and data plan but worth it when it counted.

The contributor that suggested the satellite phone is correct. If you're in the boonies that's about the only way you'll have a reliable phone connection.

Best of luck finding one that fits your needs.

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