Casino Work: Casino Employees in the Spotlight and Behind the Scenes

Casino work! You've heard about free overnight parking at casinos. You've maybe stopped to try your luck. But, have you thought about working at one? Casinos can be a great place to work while RVing.

Casino Work Includes a Wide Variety of Jobs

Casino billboards line the highways. As we’ve been traveling, we’ve noticed several states with casinos. They can be a good stopping spot for RVers. They usually have a buffet to eat at, or a regular restaurant. There is the entertainment of watching the gamblers, or participating in the gaming yourself. There is plenty of big rig parking and sometimes a dedicated RV park. If you don’t need hookups, you can usually get permission to park free in the parking lot.

Coleen and I recently spent a couple nights in a casino RV park. We ate at the restaurants. We checked out the gift shop. I walked around and looked at the golf course. We fueled up the motorhome at the casino convenience store. We played the slots a little, but we mostly watched the other players. And, we watched the casino employees.

Casino WestCasinos Have Parking for RVers and Work for RVers

One thing I’ve noticed is the variety of people, doing a variety of jobs, to keep the casinos running for their guests. There are people working everywhere.

The first person I noticed working was before we ever went inside. A man in the yard was working on the electrical for a water pump to water the grass.

As we entered, we saw two security people. Then, we were greeted by an official greeter at the front desk. To our right was the coat check with an attendant. There were three people at a desk to sign you up for their player’s club card.

We needed to walk through the main casino to get to the front desk of the hotel where we would register for our RV site. We encountered floor personnel, cocktail waitresses, slot technicians, black jack dealers, pit bosses, people serving soft drinks, and more security people. There were three people at the registration desk at the hotel. We noticed bellboys and maids working the background.

Casino MagicCasino Work Can be in the Bright Lights or Behind the Scenes

It was like this everywhere we went on the property. Amongst the customers were people doing their jobs to serve the customers, and maintain and service the facility. These people were regular people, not the fancy, glamorous, Las Vegas-stereotype people.

The casino is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s a lot of people on a lot of shifts.

This was a mid-sized casino. I noticed well over 40 different jobs being done. This casino had a golf course and driving range, a snack bar, a lounge, a gas station and convenience store, a small restaurant, a buffet, a gift shop and smoke shop, and a motel. Each section required several positions, from manager to stock boy.

Dakota WindsCasinos Have More than Gambling

I haven’t mentioned the administration office. This is where you would go to find the personnel office and find out about one of the many positions available at the casino. There would also be payroll people to see that all the employees got their checks every payday. You might also find advertising and promotion people who would try to keep customers coming the doors, to keep the rest of the employees busy at their respective jobs. There must be literally hundreds of computers to keep the casino running, and likewise techs, programmers, and others to keep the computers running.

All of these different departments need managers and supervisors. Managers and supervisors aren’t necessarily experts in that field. They are people who can organize and manage people to get the job done.

Casinos hire many, many seasonal and short-term workers. If you like the atmosphere, and want to work in a festive, exciting environment, consider a casino job. Tell them what you can do, and see if they can put you to work in the casino.


Coleen's comments: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this article about working in casinos shortly after we had traveled through Oklahoma and into the Dakotas. He told you about quite a few jobs for RVers at casinos. But, he left out so many: poker dealer, headline entertainer, DJ at the lounge, outside security patrol, the guy renting golf carts, carpet sweepers, change runners…. The list could go on and on.

Besides the variety of positions available, I'd like to emphasize that casino work is available in many areas of the country. It's not only Las Vegas and Atlantic City. RVers can find work at casinos in North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and other states.

Read more about where RVers find employment.

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