Carol Montoya-Guest / retail / reservation / culinary services

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(Class C Itasca Cambria)

514 Americas Way #13052
Box Elder, SD 57719
Cell phone: (253) 830-4566

Seeking a progressively rewarding position that allows my exceptional talents to flourish. My experience include: RV park guest services, hospitality/tourist industry, personal chef services, estate property caretaking, household services, event planning, marketing, coordination and oversight. Interested in bringing my experience to ranch/lodge businesses, RV park & campground resorts, private estates, inns, B&Bs, spiritual/healing retreat centers, and other special event center locations. I am a conscientious team player who is always aware of the bottomline of any business.

Combine excellent organizational skills with hands-on common-sense knowledge, and superior memory for details. Have strong work ethic and integrous. Self-starter with the ability to analyze needs and accomplished in all areas related in making my guests feel respected and work place flow with ease. A confident public speaker with engaging communication skills. Maintain professionalism at all times and use discretion when handling confidential data. Privacy is always respected. Recognized by peers to be flexible, reliable, dedicated and caring.

Front desk guest services— Camp Coeur d’Alene, RV Park and Campground, Coeur d’Alene, ID — May 2020 - October 2020
Provide office tasks, proficient using computer reservations system, customer service, concierge services, take phone reservations and questions about campground, checking in-out guests, retail cashier. Provided housekeeping support of 19 cabins, gardening and weeding. Assist guests in having the most enjoyable camping experience. Contact the manager, Taylor Abrahamson at (208) 449-2388 for reference.

Personal Assistant/Personal Chef, Homewell Senior Care, Federal Way, WA — Various clientele, Seattle, WA — December 2016 - February 2018; September 2019 - May 2020 Provide companionship, care of pets and maintain household. Light housekeeping including meal prep, laundry, all-around organization.

Front desk guest services/housekeeping — Los Suenos de Santa Fe RV Park and Campground, Santa Fe, NM — March 2014 - November 2016Provide office tasks and proficient using computer reservations system, customer service, concierge services, take phone reservations, checking in-checking out guests, retail cashier for a 95-site RV Park. Provided housekeeping of three cabins by cleaning, stocking, change bedding and linens, assist guests in having the most enjoyable RV Park and Santa Fe experience. Contact the manager, Kathi Haftings at (505) 470-1397 for reference.
On site caretaker — Haelen Healing Center, Santa Fe, NM — December 2013 - February 2014 Maintain multiple building structures on the property. Maintain roads into property during winter conditions. Provide security of the property. Maintained and readied this property until it was sold by owner in February 2014.
On site caretaker — El Vaquero Ranch, Santa Fe, NM — September 2013 - December 2013
Provide care, feeding and mucking of 16 horses. Maintain roads into ranch during rain or snow conditions. Provide security presence of the 160 acre ranch. Owner of ranch deceased, March 2014.

Carol Montoya-2
• Personal chef/companion - Esther Kissling, Cerrillos, NM — January 2015 - November 2017. Prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner 2 days a week. Organic and restricted diet items were part of the daily menu.
• Live-in personal chef/housekeeper - Louise Cabral (deceased), Writer — Santa Fe, NM — November 2015- March 2016 Prepared dinner 7 days a week. Organic and restricted diet items were part of the daily menu.
• Personal chef services — various clientele from Anchorage, AK; Palm Springs, CA; Santa Fe, NM; Seattle,

WA; — 2004 to 2015
My experience includes a myriad of ethnic cooking, from Spanish Tapas to Korean Hot Pot. I specialize in vegan and vegetarian cuisines, however I can prepare healthy seafood and poultry meals as well. My baked items such as cookies, pies, cakes and my decadent Cinnamon Rolls are the most popular! I have a separate resume for this career path.
• Live-in personal chef/housekeeper - Stephen Paul, Retired (now lives in Guatemala) — Anchorage, AK — August 2010- August 2011. Prepare daily meals for Mr. Paul and a foreign exchange student.
• Personal chef - Rick Corliss, Art Dealer — Palm Springs, CA — 1 week in April 2007. Prepare meals and party appetizers for Mr. Corliss and his business associates.
• Personal chef - David Benjamin, Movie Producer, (deceased) —Embudo, NM —3 weeks in October 2006. Prepared meals and appetizers for Mr. Benjamin while he was on retreat.
• Live-in personal chef - Eleanor M. Hadley, (deceased) — Normandy Park, WA — August 2004-August 2006. Developed weekly budget, shopping for groceries, preparation of healthy vegetarian breakfasts, lunches and 3-course dinners daily. Prepared appetizers and light meals for tea parties and small gatherings.

Other professional experience
Professional watercolor artist — 2004 to present
Proficient in setting up and promoting an exhibit or teaching watercolor painting workshops. I apply my abilities in watercolor to create images of wildlife, portraits, natural and man-made structures, personalized astrological charts and totem animals. My motivation in sharing my artistic expression is to heal the relationship we have with the natural world and our relationship with self. My intentions are to capture the essence of the soul. I have a separate resume for this career path. I offer private and group beginning watercolor painting classes.

Administrative assistant — EarthWalk for Health, Santa Fe, NM - Sept. 1998 - May 2003
As a member of the Advisory Council, Secretary and Administrative Assistant, Ms. Montoya contributed her organizational, graphic design and computer/database skills. She assisted the EarthWalk for Health Program, reaching people facing health and wellness challenges their family, friends and caregivers gain additional knowledge of traditional teachings of indigenous cultures in the Southwest.

Northern New Mexico Community College, Espanola, NM — BFA, 2004
25 years of Project Management, Consulting, Marketing and Public Relation experience in lieu of formal education.
Platt College of Graphic Design, San Diego, CA — AA, 1983

Target Job
Desired Job Type: Year round or seasonal employee with FHU site, all hours worked paid.
Desired Status: 4 to 5 days a week, 32 to 40 hours a week.
Description of my perfect job: High-integrity position that brings a positive and happy influence to guests and work place. A schedule that allows at least 2 to 3 consecutive days off. Salary negotiable.

Job requirements
Valid driver’s license, full insurance coverage, clean DMV record.
Current Food Handlers Permit, State of Washington
Current Red Cross 1st Aid/Adult CPR/Adult AED certification.
MAC and PC computer proficient.
US Citizen. I am authorized to work in the USA for any employer. English speaking
Multiple agency criminal background check researched in AK, NM, OR and WA. Registered and fingerprinted by numerous law enforcement agencies including TSA clearance for job hiring requirements. Clean DOJ record.
Will pass drug test.
Own a 26ft. Class C RV; in excellent condition.
Will commit to seasonal contract.