Caretaker Gazette: The Newsletter Filled With Worldwide Property Caretaking Jobs

The Caretaker Gazette has job listings (Help Wanted ads) for property caretakers at campgrounds and RV parks, as house sitters and pet sitters, domestic help, estate managers, farm workers, and more.

Publisher, Gary Dunn, describes the role of the Gazette, "...we publish unique job opportunities that in some cases are not found anywhere else, and that is what our readers expect from us. It takes a lot of time, effort, and contacts to find these job openings...." It offers listings of jobs that are that are diverse and varied. In the issue I reviewed, there were openings for an organic seaside farmer in Central America; a teacher at an ecumenical institute; and for a holistic home building. One ad sought a couple for a "celebrity family," with one of the duties being to maintain a collection of antique cars! The positions offered were not all for the "same old thing" that one commonly finds advertised.

There were however, a good number of ads requesting workers for more familiar positions. Cooks, housekeepers, secretaries, and bookkeepers. There were ads for campground workers for hosts, store work, groundskeepers, and activity leaders.

Advertisers sought maintenance workers and people willing to do handy-man type work. There was a demand for caretakers with basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and/or mechanical skills.

The vast majority of advertisers wanted someone who was willing and able to do whatever needed doing -- not just one particular duty.

Many of the positions were involved with agriculture. Herb and specialty vegetable farms, organic orchards, and cranberry bogs need workers. Cattle ranchers, horse stables owners, and sheep farmers offered positions. Several ads offered homesteading and co-farming.

The Caretaker Gazette is aptly named. Landowners using the Gazette sought caretakers for farms, RV and mobile home parks, animals, children, and the elderly.

A considerable number of the advertisers were seeking people who were caretakers of the earth. They specified an interest in conservation, protecting the environment, and living in harmony with nature.

Compensation offered took various forms. Among them were salaries, health insurance, and RV sites with use of camp amenities. Others offered garden or farming plots or a place to raise livestock. Several ads suggested partnerships and profit sharing. It appeared that many of the landowners and proprietors would negotiate with the employees in an effort to reach a mutually agreeable benefits package.

The ads include more than basic information. Many provide a description of the situation that lends a "feel" for the working environment.

Special restrictions, such as "a strict unscented policy," or less common job qualifications, such as a love of sheep, were in some ads.

The Caretaker Gazette has a section for caretakers to place classified ads seeking situations and a section for caretaking swaps.

The Caretaker Gazette saves its subscribers legwork and expense in locating employment. Editor Thea Dunn explains, "For those not comfortable with the hit and miss approach (including time and gasoline expended) the Gazette provides a source of current job openings appropriate for mobile travelers."

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