Caretaker Positions: Volunteering to Earning a Six Figure Income

Caretaker positions run the gambit from property sitting for free rent to over $100,000 a year jobs. Examples are managing an estate in Chicago and volunteering in a monkey sanctuary in England.

Caretaker Positions -- One Extreme to the Other

You find caretaker positions on cattle farms and ranches, game preserves and organic orchards, and at fishing hatcheries and fishing resorts. They are also chefs, nannies, and household managers in city mansions and at elaborate, exotic vacation retreats. They include assisting the elderly with personal care and running errands.

Property caretakers make $80,000 - $100,000 a year or more, plus receive health insurance and other benefits. No, that's not a typo. Property caretakers, at least some of them, receive an annual salary of one hundred thousand dollars. They are likely to be in charge of an estate, managing both grounds and household employees. These caretakers are highly skilled and trained professions. They work for other, very successful, professionals.

Granted, six figure wages are not the norm for property caretaker jobs. However, I've seen multiple listings offering between $20,000 and $100,000 per year advertised in The Caretaker Gazette newsletter.

The other extreme side of property caretaking are the volunteer caretaker positions that not only offer no pay, they offer little in creature comforts. While some of these offer a beautiful view and a relaxing lifestyle, some don't. Instead, they offer the chance to live in poverty, in rough conditions -- and to help the underprivileged or to support a cause.

Most caretaker work falls between the extremes. Caretaking positions encompass a wide range of duties and a wide range of compensations. Landowners often look for handymen or people with carpentry or mechanical skills. Many property owners seek groundskeepers, gardeners, and workers to tend their orchards, fields, or vineyards. Some are looking for people to care for their pets or other animals, and to give their property a lived-in appearance. Urban caretakers are more likely to plan dinner parties, do the family's bookkeeping, or work as personal assistants.

Caretakers are really caregivers. They care for physical property – the land, yard, home, and other buildings. They also care for those who live on the property – the property owners themselves, plus their children, other staff, pets, and livestock.

Some caretaking jobs provide housing, making them ideal for people who want to break into full-time RVing. They offer a taste of short-term and seasonal work, of a different lifestyle, before investing in a recreational vehicle.

You can find caretaker positions by networking and by personally approaching the property owner. Also, check websites and newsletters that post Help Wanted ads, including some that specialize in house sitting and property caretaking. We often have property caretaker positions posted in the Help Wanted ads here on Workers On Wheels.

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