Car Rental from Campgrounds

Is a car rental feasible for getting from the campground to a job site? I do not tow a car so if I am working while I am traveling I'm not sure if I will be able to drive my RV to the work place. Does renting a car sound like a reasonable idea? Cost effective? Or should I only look for work that does not require me to leave my RV?

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Look At Each Job Separately

Hi Suzie,

In most cases, I'd say that it probably is not cost effective to rent a car. But, for the right job, it could be. I'm thinking if it was a high tech job that only lasted a few days, or something along that line. A rental could also be a good idea if you are in an area where you want to do a lot of sight seeing and day trips.

If you are going to be in an area several weeks or an entire season, consider buying a used car. When you are ready to leave, sell it.

Another option is to take a taxi cab to work. It may seem expensive. However, if you only need a ride to and from work, it may be less than renting.

Another option is ride sharing. Are there others in the campground who are also working where you'd be working? One place we stayed, several men worked for the local day labor temp job service and they rode to the staging ground together.

Use a Bike Rather Than Car Rental

Carry a mo-ped or bicycle with you. Take a cab to work in bad weather. Use the 2 wheeler in good weather and for sightseeing and shopping.

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