Camping and Working

- France Marcotte
(Qu├ębec, Canada)

We would like more information about working in your park. My husband is very good at working odd jobs. We would like to go to Fort Lauderdale and the area. Can you please tell me if you have camping over there? Thank you.

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Helping RVers

Work For RVers and Campers doesn't own any campgrounds. We don't provide jobs or camping facilities.

What we do is provide information about working while RVing. We publish information to help RVers know what kinds of jobs, volunteer opportunities, and RV home based businesses are available.

We do post Work Wanted classified ads. These aren't ads saying that we are hiring. Rather, they are ads from that other people send us. The ads are sent to us by campground owners, employment services, businesses that need mobile workers, companies that hire seasonal workers, etc. We post the ads to help both the employers looking for workers and the RVers looking for work.

I hope this helps to clarify things.

Maybe some of our readers who own campgrounds in the Ft. Lauderdale area will see this and let you know what they have available.

In the meantime, check our Help Wanted ads. You might also want to post a Work Wanted ad.

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