Campground Work: Volunteer Work Camping and Paid Campground Jobs

Campground work is right for RVers. Retired full-timers like the benefits of volunteer working camper positions. Working RVers who need to earn a living find RV park or campground jobs that pay wages.

For couples, campground work expands their financial options. One person might work at the park, while another has paid employment elsewhere. It also makes sense to help at the park in exchange for a site while pursuing your RV-home based business.

Articles about Working at Campgrounds and RV Parks

Find a Campground Job: Here's the Secret for Finding a Work Camper Job You'll Love Find a campground job that you love! You'll be where you want to work. You'll be working with RVers that you want to work with. Here's the secret for doing just that.

Campground Jobs Are In Luxurious RV Resorts And In Rustic, Primitive Camps Campground jobs cut expenses and can pay bills. They're likely the first thing that comes to mind when you think of working while camping or RVing. You can find volunteer work camper and paid positions.

RV Site Value: What is the Campsite Value to Working RVers? An RV site value isn't necessarily the posted rate. It might be to the IRS. But, there's more to deciding how many hours to work for a site than dividing the cost of the site by an hourly figure. Determining what the campsite is worth, and to whom, can be tricky. Here's help.

Things We Have Learned While Being Camphosts At a State Park Being camphosts is pretty much a 24/7 position. If you want an actual day off, leave the park. While you are there, people will approach you asking for information. Being a good camphost, you will answer them with a smile, whether you are on duty or not.

20 Camp Hosting Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting a Campground Host Job Twenty camp hosting questions to ask before accepting a work camping job. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches if you ask these questions - and pay attention to the answers - before you accept.

Working at an RV Park: Short-Term Work, Helping with Special Projects Working at an RV park isn't always being a seasonal camphost. Some campground and RV park jobs are for specific events or special projects. This article is about some short-term work I've done.

Your Campground Job Resume: Who You Are and What You Can Do Your campground job resume should show the park owner who you are, as well as what you can do. When writing a resume for most campground jobs and many other seasonal jobs, think personable rather than professional. Let your personality show.

Working at an Alaskan RV Resort: For Many Campers, a Once In a Lifetime Job An Alaskan RV resort job is the summer job many RVers dream about having. It is different from other campground jobs, just because it is in Alaska. Alaska is a special place to visit.

Applying for a Job at a Campground: How to Respond to the Help Wanted Ad Applying for a job can throw you for a loop. Cover letters, resumes, references -- it can all be a little daunting. You ask how to respond to ads and apply for campground positions. Here's how.

National Park Service: Seasonal Employment for Work Campers and Working RVers The National Park Service (NPS) hires a seasonal workforce every year to work at national parks. Entry-level grades range from the GS-2 to GS-7. GS levels indicate the rate of pay.

Water Operator: Working as a Certified Water Treatment Operator in an RV Park Water is essential for all life -- including happy campers. A certified water operator, with the knowledge and skills to keep an RV park water system in compliance, makes for a happy park owner.

Campground Job Tips: Tips for Campground and RV Park Workers Campground job tips! Fifteen life hacks for campground workers. Use these helpful hints and tips to find and keep an RV park or campground job -- and enjoy it. It's the little things that count.

Campground Job Tips: More Tips for Campground and RV Park Workers Campground job tips are the seeming little things that make a big difference in whether your campground and RV park work is a good experience or a bad one. Life hacks for campground workers!

Campground Work Tips: Helpful Tidbits for Campground and RV Park Workers Campground work tips that answer your questions, give you bits of advice, and give you ideas of what to expect at your campground or RV park job. These tidbits are life hacks for campground workers.

Campground Work Tips: Find, Keep, and Succeed at Your Campground Job Campground work tips are the little secrets happy campers know about working at RV parks and campgrounds. Use them to find a campground job, keep the job, and to succeed at RV park or camp work.

Seven Work Camper Suggestions from a Campground Owner to Camp Hosts A work camper can do a better job if he knows what it is that campground owners want and expect. Here, an owner offers seven suggestions for camp hosts that will help the job go smoothly.

Find Work Around the Campground Find work on your own. Need some jobs? In a campground, look for projects that need doing. See a fence that needs work? Picnic tables that need painting? A drainage ditch that needs clearing? A shed that needs a new roof? A door that needs rehanging? A canopy that needs building?

State Park Camp Host Volunteer Jobs: When Are Positions Available? State park camp host jobs, especially in some locations, are highly sought after positions. States have procedures in place as to how and when RVers apply for them. Still, there are exceptions.

A Good Working Camper: A Campground Owner's View A good working camper does some things and avoids doing others. Here's a campground owner who tells it like it is, with very specific things that campground workers should not do while work camping.

Bad Work Camping Jobs: Causes and Ways to Avoid Them Bad work camping jobs exist. Some campground jobs are overall negative experiences. I correspond with thousands of RVers and I hear some real horror stories. While it would be nice to be able to tell you all campground jobs are great and all campground owners are wonderful to work for, that simply isn’t the case. There are ways to avoid those bad jobs.

KOA Work Kampers Training: Two Free Training Days and Virtual Job Fair KOA Work Kampers training is available free for Kampgrounds of America Work Kampers. KOA Boot Kamp offers a virtual job fair and unique KOA training for new and seasoned Work Kampers.

Rehabilitating Campgrounds: Improving the Campground's Income Stream Rehabilitating campgrounds and RV parks to make them smooth running and profitable is specialized campground work. It requires RV workers who aren't afraid of making decisions or changes, and who love a challenge.

Work Camper Cons – Top Ten List Of Things That Irk Campground Management Work Camper Cons tells you what things you can do -- or avoid doing -- to be a more valuable work camper. Want to be considered a top notch, highly sought after employee? Read on and take heart.

Employment Taxes -- The IRS Warns It Intends To Collect From Small Businesses Employment taxes affect campgrounds and RV parks just as they do most other small businesses. Work campers may have the idea that they may help at a park, trading labor for campsite, without being an employee. The IRS may see it differently.

FHU, Plus Salary -- Yes, Those Jobs are Available for Working RVers and Campers FHU, plus salary -- a reader asks if such campground jobs exist or if it is best to work at a non-campground job. Here's an insider tip for campground jobs that pay, plus other site and pay options.

Campground Pay Rates: Competing with High School Kids for Campground Jobs Campground pay rates, for jobs requiring limited skills, are often low. Campground owners base pay on the job requirements and on who is willing to do the job, not on your qualifications. If the work requires the skills of a teenage high school dropout, minimum wage is about all you can expect.

Ask Work Camping Questions Prior to Accepting the Job Work camping, camp host, full hook-up RV site, FHU, utilities, maintenance, light duties, free … what do those words mean to you? Chances are they mean something else to the person hiring you.

Campground Jobs with Kids: Employer Concerns and Tips for Getting the Job Campground jobs and kids sound like they'd go together like apple pie and ice cream. You can find RV parks that welcome working RVer families with young children. Unfortunately, however, because of some bad apples, some campground managers do not want to hire families with kids. Here we share with you their concerns and some ways to help you overcome obstacles you may face as RVers with children.

Your Favorite Work Camper Campgrounds What are your favorite work camper campgrounds? Which RV park owner is the best to work for? Why? Let us know what you think. And, find out what your fellow work campers and working RVers think.

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