Campground Reservation Software

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(Getting Campground Reservation Software Training)

Is there an online program or course that teaches people how to use a campground reservation system? My husband and I are hoping to start our full-time RV'ing lifestyle in a few years.

We are also interested in doing some work camping. I would probably lean more towards jobs where I could do some clerical work in a campground office. I thought maybe I could get a jump-start, and see if knowing how to make computer campground reservations would look good on my resume.

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Campground Reservation Software

You can learn a lot about both Campground Manager and Campground Master, two of the most popular campground management systems at their websites.

Since you have basic computer skills, I don't think it should be difficult for you to learn either of these two campground reservation software programs. However, I have not personally used either of them, so could be wrong about this.

Those of you who have used either of the above programs, how difficult are they to learn and use?

There is a certification program available. Have any of you taken the course? If so, was it helpful?

See more about this at

Campground Res Sys

I have worked with both systems. They are very easy to learn and once you learn the basics of one the other is quite similar. Also have experience on ROZ2000, which is another system. They all seem to follow the same guide lines. Go in with a positive attitude and you will do good. Ask plenty of questions, as you learn. We have been fulltiming for 7 years, so get out there and enjoy yourselves.
Good Luck.

reservation system

I have wondered the same thing regarding learning reservation systems. Many campgrounds require experience with campground manager or master but how do you get that experience?

A certification would really enhance a resume.

I have thought of taking positions that don't require reservation systems experience and then maybe offering additional free hours for the training (in addition to whatever other position I am working). Have a job at a campground this summer running the cafe and am going to try to learn the reservation system there. Will let you know how it works out.

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