Campground Owners Want Working Campers Who Follow Directions and Work With Them

Campground owners are bound to see things differently than working campers do. As the business owner or campground manager, their perspective may be quite different from that of the RVer.

Let's hear first hand from a campground owner about what she looks for in hiring working campers. This interview is with Lori J. Crawford owner of Loranger Pines RV Park in West Branch, Michigan.

Q. What would you like RVers to know about campground work?

A. That for the most part, and in general, campground work is fun! Living and working in the outdoors is a blessing and gives a person the opportunity to connect with all aspects of nature from weather to wildlife.

Q. What is it about your best working campers that makes them stand out above the rest?

A. What is probably most important to me is that the working campers not try to run the campground the way they see fit. They should be able to follow instructions and directions, and carry out all work as instructed or asked to.

Q. What can working campers do to get your attention?

A. They should pay close attention to detail as I am adamant about my park being clean, offering curb appeal to the potential RVer. A working camper should be safety minded and always make the camper feel important by giving them the best possible customer service.

Q. What would you like to see on a job application?

A. I want to see experience along with references that I can check. Grammar and punctuation is not as important to me as cleanliness, friendliness, and efficiency while performing their duties.

Q. How do you decide how many hours should be worked in exchange for a campsite?

A. To be perfectly honest, I am following what I have read in other working camper ads. 20-25 hours of work in exchange for a full hook up site with propane is what I am offering my current working campers.

Q. What else would you like RVers working campers to know, from a campground owner's perspective?

A. I am not a slave driver, and in all reality I am looking for someone to work with me, as opposed to working for me. I want a work camper's stay to be enjoyable, comfortable, and a relaxed type setting.

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