Tips for Getting a Campground Office Job

If you want to work campground office jobs, put these tips to use. They come from campground owners and managers who do the hiring. Besides helping you get hired to work in the campground front office, these tips can help make that job a rewarding experience.

How to Get Hired for Campground Office Work

A happy disposition is a huge asset when interviewing for a campground office job. That doesn’t mean you need a repertoire of jokes. It does mean you leave your grumpy face, your complaints, and your problems behind. So smile! Even on phone interviews, as your smile comes across in your voice.

When applying for front desk positions at campgrounds and RV parks, show that you have a caring attitude. When something goes awry at the park, the camper usually heads to the front desk. Staff who can empathize can often ease the campers concerns. Showing genuine concern can prevent minor irritations from escalating into major problems.

When interviewing for front desk jobs, be ready to cite examples of how you’ve successfully handled customer issues in the past. Your examples should show that you remained calm, eased the customers fears, and resolved the problem.

Job skills can be taught. So, if you are upbeat, enthusiastic, and willing to learn, that may be enough to get you hired, even if the company would prefer someone with experience.

In many jobs, a good supervisor can teach you how to do the work—the necessary skills. On the other hand, personality traits are what they are. Look for positions that your nature compliments.

Your RVing experience can be as important as work experience when it comes to campground jobs. It makes it easier to connect with the guests. It also makes it easier to understand their questions and concerns.

You’re probably already familiar with RVing jargon. When applying for a campground or RV park job, that can put you ahead of the job candidates who don’t understand the lingo.

Be honest about your campground work experience. Some employers want staff with experience, who already know how to do the typical campground office jobs. However, others prefer first-time working campers, so they can train them to do things their way.

The first and last person a guest interacts with at many campgrounds and RV parks is the front desk staff. You’ll earn points with management if you start your interview with a good first impression. Close your interview with a strong and favorable last impression.

When applying for a campground office job, of course, you’ll want to use the general job seeking tips: prepare for the interview; do your research; be honest; and ask questions. But, following the extra tips in this article can give you a leg up on being the RVer who gets the job.

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