Campground Job with Kids

(Jay writes...)

I have a question or need advice on volunteering at a campground for a free site for duration of three to 12 months. I'm having a problem with places telling me that they don’t want families, that they only want single or retired couples. Could you give me some information that may help us find a volunteer position in exchange for a site? We are a family of five, two adults and three kids, ages 3, 8, and 9. We've been fulltime since April 2010. We own our own business since August 1, 2001, and we just love the lifestyle.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

The first thing that comes to mind: How do they know you have kids? That information should not be on your resume or job application.

The second thing that comes to mind: How do they know if you are single or married? Unless you are applying to work as a couple, that info shouldn't be on your resume or job application, either. And, since you have children young enough to require constant adult supervision in a campground, it is logical that you would be the only one working.

The third thing that comes to mind: How do they know if you are retired or not? Again, that info doesn't belong on your resume or job application.

Your resume and job ap should focus on what you can do for the campground. List your relevant education, if it included carpentry school or something that would be helpful at a campground. There's no reason to put dates of your education, in fact, you should not include them,

because that gives your age. List any certifications you have that would be useful for working at a campground, such as CPR and First Aid, pesticide application, propane dispensing, etc. The main thing on your resume should be your skills -- what you can do.

Another suggestion is that if you are emailing employers, clean up your email, so that it is in plain text. If you want to get hired (even as a volunteer), your email needs to give the impression that you want the position to help the campground, not to help grow your business. The photo may also be contributing to why they think you have kids and won't fit in.

Yet another suggestion, is that you look for campgrounds that advertise they are family campgrounds or those where you see activities for children listed on their websites, or even photos of kids on their websites. A lot of RV parks are for adults only, some don't allow kids even with paying customers. And, your family would probably miserable at such a place, anyway.

All the above is if you are trying to find a long-distance job. If you've been reading my website much, you've probably discovered that I suggest you go where you want to work and then find a job there. I'd recommend that for families with young children, too, because then park management could get to know you and it would eliminate the fear of the unknown concerning your kids behavior and such.

Good luck on your job search. Let me know how it goes.

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Workamping with Kids

There are numerous opportunities out there. I worked for a recreation management company and co-hosted a large campground with a family that had four kids under 12 years old. Jobs like Amazon have would be a good resource. Depends on where and how far you are willing to look. Colleen is right on about going where you want to be and then searching.

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