Campground Job Tips: Tips for Campground and RV Park Workers

Campground job tips! Fifteen life hacks for campground workers. Use these helpful hints and tips to find and keep an RV park or campground job -- and enjoy it. It's the little things that count.

Campground Job Tips

     ~~ Ask plenty of questions. During the pre-hiring and after you hired. This is one of the most important campground job tips. So, I'll repeat. Ask questions.

     ~~ You can often combine working at the campground with another job. Work a few hours a week at a campground in exchange for your FHU RV site. Work additional hours at a different job, one that pays an hourly wage.

     ~~ For short-term campground jobs, work the shoulder seasons. These are the weeks at the beginning and the end of the season. These are the weeks before the regular workers are there for the season, and after they have already left. For example, in the spring, when snowbirds leave to head north before the winter season ends. Or in the fall, when student workers leave to return to school prior to the end of the summer season.

CampgroundWorking at Campgrounds Can Be a Great Experience

     ~~ If you are required to live at the campground or RV park, as part of your employment agreement, for the convenience of the park owner, IRS may determine the value of the site is not taxable income.

     ~~ The term "full hook-ups" does not mean the same thing to everyone. Ask what it includes and who pays for what. This is another one of those campground job tips that seems obvious, but can really trip you up if you assume.

     ~~ When a help wanted ad specifies a number of hours required to work in exchange for your site, be sure to find out what time period they mean. Is it per week or per month? Or, does the campground staff work on a four or six day rotation?

     ~~ Are the number of work hours specified in a help wanted ad work-for-site hours, hourly wage hours, or a mix? Don't assume.

CampgroundMake the Most of Any Campground Job with These Tips

     ~~ On work-for-site exchanges, be sure you know what the number of hours means. Is it per person or per site? Are they set hours or can you choose when to work those hours? Do they include on-call hours?

     ~~ Smile. Laugh. Look happy. Show the campground guests you enjoy your job.

     ~~ If a campground job for a couple requires working in exchange for your site, what are the conditions and stipulations? Are you able to split the hours between you and your spouse, as you wish? Must each person work a specified number of hours? Is it okay for one person to work all of the hours?

     ~~ As other campers what campgrounds they like to work at and why.

     ~~ Listen. Take time to listen to instructions from your supervisor. Take time to listen to concerns from the camping guests.

CampgroundGet More from Your Job with These Campground Worker Life Hacks

     ~~ If your schedule matters to you, find out when they expect you to work before you accept the job. Twelve hours a week might be one day. Or, it might be three four-hour days. Or, it could be a split shift, perhaps where you open and close gates every morning and every night, so you are working a short time slot twice a day, seven days a week.

     ~~ If you agree to work more hours than you are willing or able to work, you are not being fair to the guests at the campground or to the campground owner.

     ~~ There are off-season campground jobs. Some are at parks that are open, although not very busy. Others are at campgrounds that are closed for the season, but they hire a caretaker or someone to do maintenance, repair, or expansion work while the park is closed.

Using these campground job tips can mean the difference between a working-camper job that you love and one that you hate. Make the most of these hints and campground job hacks. And have a great experience at your next campground or RV park job.

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