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(How To Not Waste Time and Fuel Money)

I believe the advice (about going to a campground first, before accepting a job there) is good, but wouldn't that require two trips to the campground? We want to experience different campgrounds in hosting and in visiting new areas.

Wouldn't visiting it first require double mileage and added time, and therefore, expense? We know we take a chance that way, but I don't see another way without doing two trips.

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

Following the method that we suggest for finding campground jobs only requires that you go to the campground one time. In fact, the reason we recommend it is because it mostly eliminates wasted travel time and wasted fuel. It also leads to less disappointment and frustration.

When following the method that we suggest, once you accept the job offer, you stay right there. You start work right away. You don't go away and return to start the job at a later date. You just stay at the campground and do it, and move after you are finished.

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