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- Jay asks....

Do you ever get requests for campground chaplains? I am planning on retiring from my position as a DoD contractor (after 37 years in the Army) and becoming a campground chaplain. I was a pastor and Christian school principal for over 10 years. I will be working with Christian Resort Ministries and taking some training in September.

Do you ever get requests for chaplains? I will be self-supporting and am looking for a place for this coming fall.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

We've stayed at a number of RV parks that had Sunday church services, Bible study groups, Gospel music sing-a-longs, and other musical ministries. I believe the leaders are usually compensated with an RV site with utilities, and in many cases free-will donations at the door. Some of the ministries also raise money to cover their expenses by selling their CDs or religious materials.

I don't remember who it was or the details of the situation, but it seems I've heard from a minister who made some extra money performing marriages.

We've had requests for campground chaplains in the past, but I don't think we have any currently.

You may want to post a Work Wanted ad or a resume. The resumes don't need to be standard resumes; in fact, it seems those that provide more detail than a classified allows, but that focus on recent relevant activity and accomplishments do the best.

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Campground Champlains

My husband and I are wintering in Harlingen, TX for the 1st time this winter. The park we are staying in offers Sunday worship and both men's and women's Bible studies. We have a couple in the park who are retired and are members of a group of chaplains who bring ministry of Christ to the various parks here in the Rio Grande Valley. In addition to Sunday worship and the two Bible studies, they also visit residents of the park who have become hospitalized during our stay, and counsel and minister to any who desire someone to talk to and pray with. I'm sure there are groups like this across the nation. Try googling chaplains and campground chaplains. I will try to remember to ask Linda or Jim which group they belong to and how they found it and send another post.


Check nearby truckstops. They sometimes have trailer chapels.

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