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(Getting Experience with Campground Manager)

I have a question about campground reservation system software. Is there someplace I can get training? Many work camper jobs I'd like to apply for require you to have experience with Campground Master or some other reservation program. How do you get this experience if you've never worked in a campground or motel that uses it?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Many of the companies offering RV park reservation systems have free trial software available from their websites. Some have free demo CDs. Using the trial versions isn't the same as actually working in a campground with them. But, it can teach you the basics.

Campground owners may be impressed that you took the initiative to educate yourself by studying the info on the software company's website.

Both Campground Master and Campground Manager have live demos you can download free. I think CampWorks and EZ-CAMP2 have demo CDs available.

Digital Rez is now partnered with Affinity Group (AGI) the Good Sam, Trailer Life, Woodalls, and Camping World empire. ROS2006 is being re-branded to RVTripsetter for the camping industry.

Motels and hotels, along with marinas, B&B's, and tour companies also use the same or similar reservation software. So, having at least a basic understanding of it can come in handy for other jobs besides working at RV parks.

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Reservation Software Experiance

You can offer your services to an employer free of charge in exchange for you working in the park office assisting the reservation clerk.

The employer benefits in that they get an extra person in the office for the busy times.

If you learn well, the employer may ask you to come back again, but for pay.

Good luck!

Reservation Software Knowledge

If you ask the owner or someone at the campground office what they use for software, you can then use that to find if the program provider has a "demo" that you can use it to learn the program.

Some are really involved and others not so. Smaller campgrounds may opt for reservation programs that do not require an upfront site assignment, like Campground101, while most others will not let you take a reservation without a pre-assigned site. Either way, learning which one is used can give you a heads up on getting the job.

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