20 Camp Hosting Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting a Campground Host Job

Twenty camp hosting questions to ask before accepting a work cmping job. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches if you ask these questions - and pay attention to the answers - before you accept.

Camp hosting questions about when you work:

1. How many hours will you be expected to work each week in exchange for the campsite?

2. Is that per couple or per person?

3. Will it be in a concentrated period of time, such as two full days?

4. Or, will it be spread out, a couple hours every day?

5. Will you work weekends or have weekends off?

Camp hosting questions about the work you'll do:

6. What are your job requirements?

7. Exactly, what does “light maintenance” include?

8. What does “some grounds work” really entail?

9. As a work camper, will you greet campers and assign them to their sites, and then just be there to keep an eye on things?

10. Or, will you also be expected to clean bathrooms, cut weeds, and solve problems?

Camp hosting questions about the campground or RV park:

11. Where is the campground facility?

12. Does “centrally located” mean in the midst of the city, or half way between thither and yon?

Camp hosting questions about the social climate of the park:

13. Are there many organized activities?

14. Is there an abundance of free time to quietly observe nature?

15. Is it adult orientated or billed as a family vacation spot?

16. Are most of the guests overnighters or are they staying for the season?

Camp hosting questions about your pay or benefits:

17. How will you be compensated?

18. If you are working in exchange for a site, is it possible to work extra hours for a salary?

19. Is it mandatory that you work additional hours when the park is busy?

20. If free use of the facility’s amenities is included, what are those park amenities?

Asking these questions can help make your work camper experience mutually rewarding for you and the park management. After receiving the answers, give it some thought. Is this really the camphost job that is right for you, or should you look for a different position?

How does what you found out compare to what you consider desirable? How do the pros stack up against the cons?

These camp hosting questions apply whether you are looking at a paid working RVer job or a volunteer work camper position.

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