CA: Caretaker Opportunity

Piper Soap, Alta, California
(Property Caretaking in Sierra Nevadas in Northern Calf.)

CA: Private Property, Alta, California. I have a caretaker opportunity for someone with forestry experience. Live free in your RV in a pole barn with hook-ups and some storage in exchange for some work on my property.

This is ten beautiful acres in the Sierra Nevada in Northern California. There are many places to hike just outside the driveway, gold panning, fishing, ski resorts are nearby, or just enjoying nature.

Primary duties would be processing wood for a wood burning household, so chainsaw skills are a must and being able to drop trees safely. I have a woodsplitter. Other random things: take care of my dogs and chickens if I want to go out of town, I have a large organic garden, so help with that and if someone had knowledge and joy of growing things that would be a huge plus.

I'm imagining 6-8 hours per week. This is a perfect gig for a retiree or veteran with some income of his own who wants to live quietly away from it all. I would also advise 4 Wheel Drive as the road is not maintained by the county and we do get snow. Some mechanical or carpentry skills would be a plus, it seems there's always something that needs fixing.

There is a small barn and nice corral, so someone with one horse or a few goats would be fine. Dog negotiable.

I grow as much of my own food as I can, I make soap, and love living this country life but after a bad injury I do need some help. My chain sawing days are over.

A single guy would be perfect, (with no romantic notions) no heavy drinkers or drug users and due to fire danger, no cigarette smokers.

I had a guy living here as caretaker for about five years, and it was a great deal for both of us. He had to leave due to some family issues, but we are still friends and keep in touch. So I have references that I am reasonable and not a crazy person, and I expect you to have references as well.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I would prefer a one year commitment, but if it worked out well could be ongoing. I want a win/win situation. Specify you saw this ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels.

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