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(full-time RVer Mary K. asks...)

The manager of a family band has contacted me regarding getting them bookings for their time in the Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana area this winter. She has offered $50 for each booking. I have never done anything like this before but I am interested in learning more about it. Do you know anyone who does this now or have any ideas on it?


Coleen, the working RV editor replies:

Hi Mary,

Right off hand, I can't think of anyone who is (or who has been) a booking agent for a band. Though, it certainly seems like it could work out very nicely.

The $50 per booking fee sounds generous to me, if all you are doing is making referrals and recommendations, putting the two parties in contact.

However, if it requires that you are negotiating contracts, getting them signed, making arrangements for their campground or other lodging, and providing other services, then that is a whole different story, with a LOT more responsibility.

As the agent, are you responsible for damages to the venue, if the band don't show? Even if it is because of sickness or some other can't be avoided problem? If the venue gives a last minute cancellation, are you responsible for the band's travel or other expenses to get to the gig you booked?

Would they supply you fliers and sample CDs at no cost to distribute, or would you need to buy them? Have you ever heard them or seen their show, so that you could recommend them without losing your credibility?

This may be a great opportunity, with you doing a simple referral and they handle everything else. Then again, it could be very complex.

I would be very careful in getting it in writing what your exact role as the booking agent for the band would be, so that you don't find yourself caught between the band and the venues with some legal responsibility. And, depending on the complexity, you may want to have an attorney look at the contract for you.

It sounds interesting. If you pursue this, please update us and let us know how it is working for you.

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