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- Evelyn

You listed book reviewer as one way people make money on the road. I would love that kind of a job. Do you know where I would go to find openings for a book reviewer?

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Reviewing Books

You know, I was just thinking about reviewing books yesterday. I was looking through three magazines over the weekend, all on different topics, and they all had book reviews in them. Someone was paid to write them.

Another reason I was thinking about this is that I have a stack of books that authors and book publishers have sent me for review. Getting those books read and the reviews written are on my "to do" list.

So, in a nutshell, freelance. Do the reviews and submit them to print and online magazines and newsletters, and to websites. I think you'd do best with non fiction book reviews. You might specialize in reviewing parenting guides, Christian books, or some other specific kind of book, such as photo book reviews.

What kinds (topics) of books do you like to read?

Book Reviewer

I like to read just about anything and I am an avid reader. How did you get authors and publishers to send you a stack of books to review? I don't read many magazines. Are there ads in the magazines asking for reviewers? Thanks for your input!

Book Reviews

I don't think I've seen ads in magazines seeking book reviewers. I just know if they are publishing book reviews that someone wrote them. And, that they will likely use more.

I started writing book reviews for books that I bought, read, and liked.

Once authors and publishers see your published book reviews they sometimes send books. They are often about the same subject as the reviews you've had published. So if you review one home business book, it can lead to doing other home business book reviews.

They also send me books because I have the websites and newsletter, and because I have had a fair number of articles published in magazines, newspapers, and websites. Once you get started as a book review, it builds on itself.

The way I got started as a published writer was to write a column for a weekly newspaper. I didn't get paid for it. But, I did get "clips" -- articles with my name on them as the author, which I could then use to show other publications I was a competent and published writer.

As an avid book reader, you must have some newer books you could start with. You can either query the publication first or write the book review and send it to them on spec.

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