Being a "Man Friday"

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A "Man Friday" does what ever needs doing. I like doing different things and dislike too much routine in my work day. I enjoy being left alone to get my work done, and I feel a great pride when my boss comes back and is astounded by the progress and quality of my work. My dream job would be more maintenance and not janitorial. I like to fix things and to build things, and that would a big part of my job.


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Volunteer Opportunity

Do you have an email address, Friday Man? You sound like a good volunteer.


Lynn Learch, Secretary
Monterey County (California) Parks Department
Phone: 831-755-4907

Man Friday

I, too, prefer this type of work. I hate the ones (employers) who are always there micromanaging and have no clue as to how things should be done; they're just picky, picky, and a pain. In contrast, the employers who give you a task and disappear, leaving you to proceed unsupervised, are my kind of employers. I'm not one to sluff-off, and I work diligently at everything I do.

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