Being a Campground Manager

- Chester Mosley - Manitou Springs, CO
(Manitou Springs, CO)

I was living my dream with my wife for a few years. But then tragedy struck and my motorcoach burned to the ground while traveling to Dallas, after we had completed an assignment. We did not have full insurance coverage and now we dream about it again.

It's not easy still getting emails from RV workers and being a disabled veteran. It's been hard financially, too. But someday, we hope to be back and enjoying what we do, which is dealing with the public and working hard.

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

It's always sad when a dream is crushed. It is great to hear, however, that you have hope to be back managing a campground soon. Hope is a wonderful thing to hold on to, as are dreams. May you soon be back enjoying the full-time RVing lifestyle again.

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Comments for Being a Campground Manager

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Prayers are with You

My prayers are with you and your wife. May you receive the finances possible to get yourself back on the road and living your dreams. Sometimes these set backs are God's way, not knowing exactly why, but living positively until you are able to move forward. Best of luck!


SVS for the loss of your home - its rough to take and even harder in your circumstances.

Some of the campgrounds looking for help do have cabins so perhaps you could make a deal with one of those ones?

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