AZ: Horse Care and Housekeeping - Pay

Whisper's Ranch, Elgin, Arizona
(Animal Sanctuary and B&B Jobs for RV Couple)

Whisper's Ranch Animal Santuary, Elgin, AZ

Whisper's Ranch Animal Santuary, Elgin, AZ

Whisper's Ranch Animal Santuary, Elgin, AZ Whisper's Ranch Animal Santuary, Elgin, AZ

AZ: Whisper's Ranch, Elgin, Arizona. There are TWO jobs, we are seeking a couple residing in one RV - one person for each job.

Nonprofit seeking EXPERIENCED horsecare worker. You *must* be able to recognize signs of colic/illness, and administer basic first aid. Other requirements include: lifting a total of 500 lbs per feeding (buckets of mash, bales of hay and feed bags), read/speak/understand English, follow directions, work independently and with others, be a US Citizen, be willing/able to work 2.5 hrs in the afternoon, and 5 hrs (morning and afternoon) on Saturday and Sunday. Volunteer time is 15 hrs/wk per couple, possibility of paid hours for capable and efficient helpers. Extra work will depend upon your abilities.

Second job involves cleaning for a B & B. This work is very part time/low occupancy, but we can build this business for someone reliable who is willing to make a commitment to being here at least 3-4 months. This position is paid.

Rural mountain location in Southern AZ, at least 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix (typically). No smoking, no drugs, no heavy alcohol use, no drama/blow-ups/meltdowns. Only pets that can be kept in your RV.

If you have the skills we are seeking, are honest about your experience, reliable, and are willing to make a commitment and follow through, we'd like to talk to you. Specify you saw this ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels. Telephone: 5204559246
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This is a Workers On Wheels "Help Wanted" ad. This HW ad -- RV park work, campground job, or other employment or volunteer position for working campers and RVers -- is posted at the request of the person, business, or organization that is hiring. Whisper's Ranch, Elgin, Arizona.


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