Avoiding EMFs: WiFi & Laptops

(Stevie asks...)

I'm about to begin full-time RVing, and will be writing while on the road. I wish to avoid staying at parks with WiFi, and likewise, I don't want to use a laptop. Does anyone have any ideas for a method of word processing that stands alone, and doesn't require use of a PC or laptop?

I'm remembering the bulky old word processors with the small viewers. There must be some kind of upgrade. Any ideas?

Also, I'm interested in knowing the best email service available without use of computer.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Stevie,

Back in the days before computers were common household items, I wrote my newspaper columns on a typewriter. Actually, I wrote them by hand with a pencil and paper, and then typed them up before submitting them. And, I either hand delivered them or mailed them by snail mail.

I'm not sure what's available in the line of typewriters these days. But, the last one I used had some word processing capabilities.

You piqued my curiosity. I just Googled "where to buy a typewriter" and came up with all sorts of options. Auto correct capabilities. Built in dictionaries. Function keys for automation.

You'll find the most choices if you get an electric model. However, if you plan to do remote RVing in areas without electric hook-ups, manual typewriters are still available, too.

As for email, are you also eliminating the use of cell phones?

Perhaps some of our other readers have more to share on this and will give you their suggestions.

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Am I really responding to this post?

I would strongly advise you that no matter what method you use while writing on the road, that you are not moving or that someone else is driving your RV.

That being said, you may be able to find what you are looking for at a Goodwill store, Salvation Army store, or a museum.

As for the best email service available without the use of a computer, what service do you use now without a computer?

I recall that years ago, when telephones came out, that some of us tied a string between two tin cans and talked. But I'm not sure how to send an email from one can to another.


If you can't find a typewriter at one of the thrift stores Frank mentioned, check other secondhand shops. If you don't find a used one you like, you can still get them new.

Amazon.com has them. A quick Google search will show you additional retailers that sell typewriters.

Possible Solution

You don't have to utilize the WiFi at a campground. Best new word processor is the Brother DP525CJ Typewriter Plus Word Processor: Desktop Publisher 525, 7 Line LCD Display, 3.5" 1.44MB disk drive, Straight paper path technology, Built-in 30 page sheet feeder for automatic paper handling, Perfectype(r) Professional Touch Keyboard, 300 x 300 dpi ink jet printer, Prints documents in up to 7 colors, UPC 012502531340 (DP525 DP-525 DP525CJB1 DP-525CJ) available at http://salestores.com/brdptyplwopr.html - $580. Just bought one for a government client.

As far as email goes, you'll be very limited, best to stay with your current service. All email requires hook-up to a computer in order to process it.

Great Suggestion

Another great suggestion.

I have been looking for a Scribe. Can you locate one for me?

Word Processing

Papa Mike, thank you for that very specific suggestion for a word processor. It's much appreciated.


Frank, are you pulling my leg, saying you are looking for a live person to hand-write documents for you?

Or, are you looking for Scribe software? There are several.


No need

No need to avoid wifi. You control the handshake. Just buy a tablet or laptop with an external drive for backing up. Then disable the Bluetooth and wifi modes. One simple way is to lock it in on airplane mode.

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