Author’s Assistant

- Michelle Scappace, PVAA

As an Author's Assistant, I possess the knowledge of navigating the non-fiction publishing process, the ability to save the author time, and the skills to help speed up the publishing process. My goal is to assist authors and publishers overcome obstacles that are overwhelming them and getting in the way of their productivity and impending success.


I recently started my own business. Just a few months ago, I joined the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) and successfully completed the Virtual Author’s Assistant Training and Certification.

We are now in our fifth year of living full-time in our 41 foot Gulfstream motorcoach. When we first started out back in May 2006, we were caring for my elderly mother who had Alzheimer's. We moved her onto the coach with us and quickly discovered that the smaller environment provided more comfortable surroundings for her as she was somewhat unsteady on her feet and often more distressed and anxious in larger areas.

Taking the leap to go full-time does not mean we weren't or didn't have to work. I worked from the road as a freelance writer for an online promotional product advertising company. I wrote web content, creative product descriptions, and scripts for informational PowerPoint presentations and YouTube videos. Hans is a computer engineer and had been working remotely prior to our big move into the coach.

I also prove executive administrative support and assist with event coordination.

Michelle’s Virtual Assistance and Author's Assistant Website:


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