Australians Work Camping?

- Kris

wytegarillaz love to explore.

wytegarillaz love to explore.

Hi! We are a mature (in age), friendly couple from Australia. We have worked as camphosts here and would like to know if we would be allowed to do it for a year while exploring your country (the United States)?

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Australians Work Camping in the USA

Hi Kris,

It would likely be the same for Australians as it is for Canadians and people from other foreign countries. To legally work in the United States, you must do the appropriate paperwork and have the correct permits.

Work visas are granted for some occupations and for some circumstances. Whether or not you could be a legal working RVer in the U.S.A. would depend on part on what type of work you would do. Another factor may be what company you are working for and where that company is based.

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