Ask Work Camping Questions Prior to Accepting the Job

Work camping, camp host, full hook-up RV site, FHU, utilities, maintenance, light duties, free … what do those words mean to you? Chances are they mean something else to the person hiring you.

Work Camping Is Vague -- Ask for Clarifications

When contacting an employer about a work camping position you see advertised, be sure to ask for clarification. I'm seeing a disturbing trend. Campground owners (or whoever is placing the ad on their behalf) are listing that a full hook-up (FHU) site is included in work-for-site exchanges and then stating that only part of the electricity costs (or none of them) are paid.

When you make contact about a position where the ad says an RV site with hook-ups is included, ask and find out what that means. Does it mean the utility hook-ups are on the site and available to you if you choose to pay for them? Or, does it mean that they are they and you may use them at no additional cost?

I've seen how some RVers waste electric. One RVer that was parked next to us this winter ran his air conditioners full blast day and night -- with his windows open. His TV was on and blaring, whether he was in his RV or away from the campground for the day. So, I don't blame campground owners for limiting how much electric they will pay for a work camper.

The thing is, you need to make sure that you know going into the arrangement what the terms really are. That way, you don't get hit with a big bill that you weren't expecting.

The term "maintenance" is another one of those things that can lead to problems if you don't get it clarified first. While workers may think "maintenance" means keeping things in good running order, employers tend to put toilet cleaning and janitorial work in with it.

And camp host. I doubt that there are two people out there that have the same preconceived notion of what a camp host does. Some think of the host as the campground greeter. Others think of the host as the person who does whatever work needs doing -- and that is probably going to be weeding and cleaning bathrooms.

So ask questions.

If you don't know where to start, we have an article on this website that can help you. You'll find 20 Camp Hosting Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting a Campground Host Job by clicking here.

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