Are Only Couples Hired?

(Becca asks...)

Are only couples hired? I am a young (62) widow who has returned to full-time RVing after selling my house. Do employers hire individuals or only couples?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Most employers hire individuals. Only a relative few hire couples.

When you read through the Work Wanted ads on our pages, you'll see that many of them specify either a single or a couple. The reason for that is because hiring couples is really an oddity. So, they list in the ad that they are open to doing so.

It probably seems like many of the ads are for couples because many volunteer opportunities are for couples. This seems to especially be the case with state and national parks and other government agencies.

We have a special section on the website dedicated to single RVers. You'll find some additional thoughts and resources listed there.

Single RVers

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