Application Not Going Through

(a website visitor asks...)

Why is my job application not going through? I'm having problems submitting a job wanted ad because of the word at the bottom not being accepted. I have tried both upper and lower casing to no avail. Thanks for helping.


Coleen the work while RVing editor replies:

Most of the time when a Work Wanted ad or resume isn't accepted it is because there was no contact information included in it. If you don't put in your email address or phone number or FAX number or mailing address, then those who may want to hire you have no way to get a hold of you anyway, so it doesn't do any good to post your ad or resume.

If you have contact info in the ad/resume, and it still doesn't go through, then it could be a technical glitch, maybe caused by the browser you are using. If that's the case, it is fine to email me your information.

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