Any Job Opportunities?

- Cindy

I am considering full-timing in the future, but what job opportunities are there for me? I have a degree in elementary education and a master's degree in library and information science. I enjoy reading, of course, and making cards and scrapbooking.

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Yes! Many

Hi Cindy,

Yes, there are numerous job opportunities for full-time RVers with your skills, education, experience, and interests.

Some that quickly come to mind....

- Substitute teaching
- Tutoring children, privately
- Tutoring children, through an agency
- Tutoring adults
- Working with adult education programs
- Teaching a community education class
- Teaching classes or workshops at destination RV parks
- Setting up a library for an RV park
- Summer jobs programs
- Camp counselor at camps for children
- Working for a temp staffing service
- Selling scrap booking supplies
- Making cards and selling them at craft shows
- Making cards and wholesaling them to gift shops
- Book editing
- Activities director at a campground

Read through the hundreds of pages on this website and you will get more ideas. Subscribe to our free newsletter (see the E-mail News link on the upper left) for additional tips.

I'm Confused

You say that you are considering full time RVing, then ask about finding jobs.

Are you putting full timing and workamping in the same category?

If you are considering workamping, you are in the right place. Jobs are continually posted here on this web site. As a workamper, you can work for the facility you are living at, or any occupation that is available in the local area of that facility.

Send you resume to ANY business or organization that may have positions that you are looking for and wait for responses.

Alternatively, you may want to freelance your skills and talents and offer your services for a fee.

Good luck, it's a great life.

Great ideas!

Hi Coleen,

Thank you for giving me some ideas as to what I could do! There are several that are of interest to me. I wasn't even aware RV parks have libraries! That would be an awesome temp job!


Clarification Needed

Hi Frank P,

Thanks for responding to my question about job opportunities. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear and it is probably because all of this is fairly new to me. I won't be able to retire for 12 more years, but I like to plan ahead. I suppose I was interested in once I retired, what part-time job opportunities would be available for a person with my background? I doubt if Social Security will be around, so I would be looking for some additional income just in case. I like the advice you gave about putting out resumes to businesses that may need someone with my skills and/or charge a fee for my services/talents.


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