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(Gregory H. writes...)

I was wondering if you have gotten any feed back from people who worked for Amazon. I'm in Florida and I'm interested in working for Amazon thru the summer. The information I'm interested in is, How are the working conditions? The pay? What are they like to work for?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Gregory,

Word that I hear is that it's a job, not much goofing around. People report they like the money, especially the overtime.

Seems Amazon appreciates working RVers and treats them well. They pay for an RV site. I've heard they give out some nice bonuses and gifts along the way.

Worst things people say are that it is a lot standing and that it requires being on a time clock.

From what I hear, bottom line is that those willing and able to work really like it and plan to return, while those who have physical problems or want to provide a presence but not work don't like it at all.

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Amazon Experience

We worked at Amazon during the 2010 Peak Season, Nov. and Dec. We did a lot of walking, 12 to 14 miles a day picking items the hand held scanner told us to get. We punched a clock. We always felt appreciated. Everyone was friendly. Got paid for exercising. Was a great experience. We will return. Good deal for anyone willing to earn their paycheck. Other jobs entailed standing in one place all day or minimal walking. Fun place to work.

Amazon Workamper Job Is Not for Lazy People

I worked at Amazon during Peak for 2010 and I would go back for years to come. However, that said, the jobs at Amazon are not for people that are lazy, out of shape, or cannot stand or walk for hours. By lazy I mean to say what seems to be what has sadly become the "normal hardly working Workamper." Amazon will wear these people out in short order - or at least they will at the location I worked.

I saw people that were not flexible in work schedule times that would have issues with the hours or schedule required. True, Amazon is rather a "people-grinder" kind of place, interested in only one thing - getting the job done. But if one goes there knowing that, it would help greatly.

My more humble thoughts for success at Amazon are:

-Do not over state your skills, abilities, or hours that you can work.

-Do not over-state your level of health or abilities to walk, climb stairs, or stand for hours.

There are perhaps more items but these are the important ones that hurt more people as I saw.

The job at Amazon can be great fun and I saw far more people having that fun in my department. We assisted Amazon in setting many new records during Peak than even the "locals" normally did. Why? Because good workampers are truly a treasure and have a far greater work ethic than the individuals brought in by the employment agencies. Real workampers are worth their weight in gold. Too bad Amazon does not acknowledge that more ( I think they are learning thou ...).


Get Prepared

You had better be prepared. 10 hr days, 4 days a week, 5:00 am - 3:30 p.m. or 5:00 pm - 3:30 a.m., I believe are correct. Very physically challenging during the first 3 weeks.

I do not think they hire for summer. I believe the earliest is mid-August, but most from mid-October to Christmas.

Be careful what you are volunteering to do, it may happen! I worked and expect I will go back as the perks are great. The pay is great for a work camper position and the site and utilities are paid. Enjoy!


Worked the 2010 peak season. It is warehouse work for 10 hrs a day. Try doing 200 squats with some walking in an hour's time before you decide to apply. I pushed myself too hard going after the 60 hrs. The money certainly helped, but my knees and hips hurt for the next two months. IF I go back next year, it will be for part time. The regulars and company treated the workampers wonderful, no complaints. Many freebee certificates for local eating places were passed out. A couple working earn some good money, with FHU, for the 8-12 weeks. However it is not for those with frail bodies. Hope this helps

Our Friends Did Not Care For It

We have not worked for Amazon, but two of our friends did last year in KS and they did not like it. They are full-time RVers. They said it was not the hours they were hired for and they often send you home. They said it was boring work and tedious. They had a chance to go again this year to Nevada and have decided not to go because it is a long way to go and you are not assured of what you are getting as it is not always what is promised.


I am 60 now; worked here for the past two seasons and was in stow (stocking) about 3-5 miles a day. It consists of walk, twist, bend, as the bends are from ground to 6' high. Some products weigh up to 40lbs.

They pay from 9.90-10.50 hr. Site and FHU's are paid. Have a few free meals, gift cards, tokens for Vending machines, free coffee, cocoa and drawings for products. The first 3 wks are a workout. Your body at times will reject movement.

Is It worth it, Yes; beats living under a bridge. I will pull no punches; GET IN GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITON, EVEN HAD A WORKOUT YOUNG PERSON SAY: THIS IS A TOUGH JOB.

Stow does not require overtime up to 60 hrs-6 shifts or 5-12's. BE PREPARED TO WORK- You get two paid 15 min breaks and long walks to the concession break room paid. One 30 min. for lunch and don't be late as they demerit you. Three warnigns for tardiness or performance or 6 points and you are terminated. Will not rehire at any facility cause they are linked. Irishrover

Loved I!

I worked the 2011 season and loved it. The others are right, if you are lazy and can't be on your feet for at least 10 hours, this is not for you. I always took a 2nd pair of shoes to change into on my lunch break, to give my tired feet a break.

The management was great, and everyone was friendly. They pay for your campsite (many parks to choose from). They pay well, and they truly care about their employees. Where else can you work and still get to exercise while at work?

Our shifts were from 6 am to 4:30 for the day shift. Night shift was from 5:00 pm to 3:30 am. I loved the night shift. I'm hoping to do a different job this season, but whatever they give me, I'll be happy! Come join in on the fun!

Seasonal at Amazon - Will Be Returning

Hi there. Most of the jobs with Amazon are for the peak season, being Oct-Dec. This year they did offer summer employment for workampers at the site in Kansas. I worked there, and it was fine. The shifts are 10 hours, on your feet. Some of the jobs requiring you to walk many miles a day, sometimes up to 18-20, depending on the orders. But, as far as I know, all of the jobs require you to be on your feet. The pay is good, and like another said, they do pay for your campsite!! That's a blessing in itself. If a person is willing to stay busy and earn their pay, then this is a great place. This will be my 3rd year working in Campbellsville, plus did the summer season in Kansas.

Amazon Stower

My husband and I stowed the 2011 season at the Amazon facility in Campbellsville, KY. We had the worst schedule of any--5:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights! Although we are in our 50's without serious health conditions, we both experienced health issues due to the walking and bending and lifting and reaching (lots of it repeatedly). My husband's legs swelled and he wrapped both legs before each shift. I developed "golfer's vasculitis" from the heat and walking on concrete floors. It started out as a @ 2" very itchy red band right above my ankles with some minor swelling. The on-site health office said the condition was a regular occurrence for workers-although usually during the summer months. I was told to leave the area open, apply anti-itch cream on the area, and put my feet up when at home. Yes, the itching abated, but I still have, what I consider noticeable, a 2" reddish band on my legs. To say the least, we will NEVER return to Amazon and would agree with others that workers must be in good health and go in with your eyes wide open!

Profit over people

Well, last night was the last straw at Amazon!

With ONLY 6 minutes till it was time to clock out and go home… of the stupidvisors approached ME out of 20+ other employees waiting to clock out and got in my face and said, "Can I help you?"

I said, "NO, I don't feel well, and I am waiting my last 6 minutes to clock out!"

He said, "YOU look LOST!" I chuckled, and smh. He rudely stated, "And YOU don't think you should be working your last 6 minutes?"

I said, "NO! Like I said I don't feel well and I am waiting to clock out! And unless you go make EVERYONE go back to work for 5 damn minuted then I will wait right here…"

He told me to clock out then, which gives you POINTS if you clock out a minute early…I am disgusted on how Amazon treats their employees. It is No better then Wal-Mart's SLAVE laborers…..I hate it there!

And to top it off earlier in the night another stupidvisor approached me to give me a write up warning that I scanned items, then scanned the bin, but the items were not in the bin. I asked him where are those items then, as I should have had extra items at the end of the night. He could not answer me or prove to me that I was the ONLY person that could have made that error, as ANYONE can move items if they really want to make room for their items to keep their rates high! I told him I refuse to sign anything! He looked at me dumbfoundedly…..I guess no one stands up for themselves there…..

I QUIT!!!!! To hell with working there!

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