Alaska Schools Camphost Program

Do the Alaska schools have a camphost program? In 2006 we drove to Alaska from ND and met a couple who were on their way to park their RV on a school site in one of the smaller communities in Alaska. Their job was to "guard" the property in order to prevent theft. They were to call local police if anything looked suspicious. We are interested in possibly doing this for next summer. Are there jobs such as this available?


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Camphost At AK Schools

Many schools in Alaska participate in a camphost program. The schools are in Anchorage, our "big city," as well as in small towns.

I believe each borough (similar to a county) administers the program locally. If you get set up to be a host at one school, I think you may be able to move to another town within the borough and host at a school there, without much further paperwork. I think they like to have two RV hosts at one school, so that one is there while the other is away, so you aren't tied to the school yard 24 hours a day. They do not all require that you stay in one place all summer.

These aren't jobs with pay. However, the school camphosts do get a parking site and some utilities.

We've had Help Wanted ads for some of these positions on the website. If you don't find an ad for the area you want to visit, contact the school administration directly and ask for the contact information of the appropriate person.

Alaska School Host

Jim and I hosted at a school in the Soldotna school district the summer of 2005. It was great fun. The other hosts get together for pot lucks and such. We had power and water, but had to dump tanks once a week at the next town. We found the ad in the Good Sam Magazine around January, but you could contact the school directly, also.

Camphosting at Butte, Alaska

In 2006 we "school sat" at the elementary school in Butte, outside Palmer-Wasilla. Had a great time.

We were able to leave during the day, and even overnight as long as we let them know. We were in a fenced area so had to unlock/lock the gate when we came and went.

There were walk-in areas and we would occasionally see a moose and her calf walk through! We were very secluded and enjoyed it immensely.

We had electricity and water available, and every couple weeks a truck would come pump our blank tank out. Never had any trouble, unless you consider sometimes there were kids playing basketball in the schoolyard at midnight (as it was still light out!).

Would recommend this to anyone.


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