Alaska Questions

- An RVer Thinking of Working in AK

We are full time RVers and are tinkering with the idea of working in Alaska for Princess or some other company during the summer season. However, we know nothing about driving there especially when it comes to which route is best, what things to take with us to be extra prepared for such an unusual trip, etc.

In addition, for those of you who have worked like this in Alaska, if you would post your thoughts, ideas, comments, etc., we would be very appreciative.

Some things that we have read make it sound like we need to be in Alaska in April. I am concerned about driving a 40 ft. coach to Alaska that time of year. Maybe I’m just crazy!

I have searched a lot on the internet and read many articles and posts. But, I’d really like to have reports from folks that have made the trip and participated in this type of work in Alaska. Again, any advice, ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated!


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Traveling to and Working in AK

You are right to question some of the things you've read.

Many of the problems people have driving up here are caused by driving too fast for the road conditions.

Most of the campgrounds and summer tourist attractions don't open until mid-May or Memorial Day weekend. I have no idea why you'd need to be here in April.

Alaska in April

We drove the Alaska Highway in April 2009 - with no road problems. And the scenery was incredible.

But, most of the campgrounds and tourist attractions were not open yet.

Check our blog - for April 2009 for information.

Go for it.

Yes, yes go to Alaska. We took a 36' motorhome, no problems, don't drive too fast! In addition to private industry there are many, many opportunities to volunteer for Federal agancies i.e. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Reclamation. Go to Volunteer. gov and select Alaska. In addition to Princess; there are many opportunities to support the tourist industry. April is early for Alaska, most things don't start until late May or June 1.

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